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  ALERT: As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 emergency, The packages may take longer than usual to arrive . 

  It may take 25-55 days,  please buy in advance. Or find other faster suppliers.

 1. What payment methods do you currently accept?

     We currently accept payment via Paypal, Bank Transfer, and Credit/Debit Card.

2. How can I check my order status?   

     If you want to track the status of your order, like where is your order, when you will receive your order, whether your order has been dispatched yet, please log in first and click My Orders at any page of the website.

3. Are there any additional fees involved in shipping?

    In some cases, your destination country may charge customs duties or other taxes. We have no control over these charges as customs policies vary widely from country to country. Please check with your local customs office for further information.

4. Where can you ship to?    

   We ship worldwide. There may be particular locations that we might require additional information to ship to, However, if such a rare event were to occur, we will get in touch with you ASAP.
6. What is your Return Policy?

    If seeds fail to leave China, we will refund your payment 100%. But if seeds fail to reach you due to customs problem on your side which we were not informed in advance, we will not be able to bear any loss, and no refund will be made.

7. How much will the shipping cost?

 We have three shipping methods including expedited shipping, standard shipping and super saving shipping. The shipping fee varies from country to country. It also depends on the weight of the items you order. You may place a test order to check the shipping fee.

8.What should I do if I’ve received my bare root roses but I’m not ready to plant?

If less than 3 weeks delay…

Store in a dry, frost-free, cool place such as your garden shed or garage. Bare root plants will keep for up to three weeks without a problem as long as the roots are kept moist. You may see new growth, particularly for orders delivered in March or later - this is a good sign.

If more than 3 weeks delay…

If you are expecting a longer delay before planting it is worth considering healing in your plants. To do this, simply remove your plants from the polythene bag, leave in their bundle tied together and dig a hole large enough to take the roots of your plant. Replace the soil to cover the roots. Water if conditions are going to be dry.

9.What should I do if I’ve received my potted roses but I’m not ready to plant?

We recommend planting potted roses as soon as possible. However, if you are unable to plant immediately, roses can be kept in their pots quite happily for a few weeks, as long as they are watered appropriately. The amount of watering required will depend on your area. Make sure the soil around the roots remains moist at all times.

10.When’s the best time to plant roses?

The best time for planting bare root roses is when the daytime temperatures are between 40-60F. Potted roses can be planted between April and October. We ship all roses at the correct time for planting in your area.

11.How do I plant a rose in a large pot / what compost do I use?

Size of pot

For best results, your pot should be 12-15 gallons or half barrels.

It is surprising how much difference a larger pot will make to the performance of your rose. As the growth of your rose is determined to a large extent by the size of the root, we always recommend as large a pot as possible.

A larger pot will also retain moisture for longer, which is key to a healthy vigorous plant.

Which compost?

For the best results, we recommend a good quality peat based compost preferably with a slow release fertilizer.

How to plant

Step 1: Place small stones to cover the base of your pot to about 2” to aid drainage.

Step 2: Hold your plant in the pot and see where the roots reach down to. You will want to cover all of the roots with compost.

Step 3: Remove the rose and fill with compost to this level.

Step 4: Place the plant back in the center of the pot and add compost around the plant covering the roots. Aim to have the top of the roots about two inches below the top of your pot.

Step 5: Water well.

12.My leaves are going yellow - what’s wrong?

The cause is most likely to be either a lack of water or a lack of feed and possibly a combination of both. See Watering section for a guide to watering. See Feeding a Rose section.