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Colorado Mix - Organic Yarrow Seed
-55 %
Long-lasting perennial.2-4", flat-topped flower heads in shades of red, rust, beige, rose, yellow, apricot, and white on 24" stems. Use Colorado fresh as a cut flower, adding drama to bouquets with the added benefit of a long vase life. Decorative, fern-like foliage. When dried, the color is retaine..
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Summer™ Pastels - Yarrow Seed
-55 %
New! Long-lasting perennial.Shades of sunny pastel blooms make excellent cut flowers and reliable perennial garden plants with decorative, fern-like foliage. As cut flowers, the 2–4", flat-topped flower heads on 24" stems add bulk, durability, and beauty to bouquets. Long vase life. When dried, the ..
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