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Autumn Star - (F1) Kalettes® Seed
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For early season harvest.The product of years of breeding work that began with traditional crosses between Brussels sprouts and kale. The open, flower-like florets are ready when approximately 2" in diameter. Avg. 121,400 seeds/lb. Packet: 25 seeds.SCIENTIFIC NAME:Brassica oleraceaCULTURE:Kalettes® ..
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Kaleidoscope Mix - (F1) Flower Sprout® Seed Kaleidoscope Mix - (F1) Flower Sprout® Seed
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Take advantage of our overstock position! Sale! Vibrant three-color mix.Flower Sprouts® are a cross between Brussels sprouts and kale which, unlike Brussels sprouts, remain open and resemble attractive, colorful flowers. They grow on tall, upright plants just like Brussels sprouts. The tender, mildl..
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